• What are the benefits of the Hydrafacial?

    on May 23rd, 2018

What are the Benefits of the Hydrafacial?

We offer a Three Step Skin Process called the Hydrafacial that:

  1. Hydrates
  2. Cleanses
  3. Exfoliates

This monthly procedure supports clients in their quest for timeless, soft, supple, smooth, young-looking skin. This process also supports the eradication and improvement of problem skin issues that are typical today. The Hydrafacial supports a baseline of supple skin continuity, and the monthly schedule alleviates accumulated stressors, which may otherwise be visible earlier.

The Hydrafacial is as much a preventative measure as it is a restorative one, and thereby supports the goals of many. Being non-invasive, with absolutely no down-time and beautifully pleasing results, it’s the go-to for lunchtime treatments and a healthy ongoing self-care regime.

This award-winning treatment is suitable for all ages, skin types and considerations. It’s capable of catering to skin concerns that are isolated, ongoing or simply due to the aging process.

So whether you suffer from:

Or other skin ailment, this gentle yet effective service is sure to lift both your skin, and your spirits directly and swiftly!

The HydraFacial employs patented technology to clinically cleanse, extract, and hydrate, and it doesn’t take long to feel and see a noticeable improvement in the balance, tone and overall impression of your skin. The super serums are designed to feature premium, nourishing components which establish an instantly gratifying glow.

As the facial takes place, dead skin cells and impurities are lifted from the skin. Next, the skin is directly soothed and hydrated with active antioxidants and peptides. You may be able to detect a reduction in fine lines just a few hours after, or a day post your first treatment. Many clients comment on the improved shift in skin texture and tone too.

Is the Hydrafacial safe?

The HydraFacial is one of the safest facial services to-date. With absolutely no invasive processes and no uncomfortable prodding, peeling or extractions, it’s the easy-breezy safe way to maintain your skin.

 From the HydraFacial Website:

It is our promise to you that HydraFacial will not only improve the look of your skin, but with frequent treatments, will restore skin health It is our belief beautiful skin instills a deep confidence that amplifies inner beauty. It is our mission to reveal the best skin of your life”


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