• What is a vampire facial?

    on Jun 9th, 2018

What is a Vampire Facial? 

It sounds medieval but we assure you that this treatment is both safe, and effective for a range of skin concerns - and most importantly of all, there are no vampires required! In essence, a vampire facial is PRP (Platelet rich plasma) and Microneedling combined. This treatment uses the clients own blood along with microneedling in order to facilitate healthy skin cell activity, for effective, enhanced surface renewal.

Due to the fact that our skin is comprised of red blood serum and cells that contain our white blood cells and platelets, a vampire facial successfully capitalises on the innate functionalities of skin regeneration. Due to the fact that platelets are high in energy boosting growth factors, a vampire facial can support our skin to function optimally. When collagen and elastin reserves are increased as a result, remarkable results can be witnessed.

For even further enhanced results, the Cane + Austin Media Spa has upped the ante even more, and now offers the Lumenis Legend. This service strategically combines Radio Frequency, Microneedling plus PRP for outstanding, reliable, improved skin outcomes.



Is a Vampire Facial safe? 

In short - yes. The treatment commences with venipuncture (which is a blood draw), and thankfully, this aspect of the treatment is by and large quite painless - aside from the initial mosquito bite needle pinch!

How is it done?

It’s done via running the blood through a centrifuge, which isolates the platelets. The treatment starts with a Microneedling component to open up the skin and pores, for effective PRP coverage all over the face.

Is there Downtime?

Only one to two days maximum are required for downtime. In some cases, no downtime is needed at all. Due to the microneedling or microdermabrasion, your skin may appear to be slightly red, akin to a sunburn - however this is expected and a usual result of the treatment, it usually subsides in twenty-four hours. It is highly advisable to avoid the sun for a few days after your vampire facial, ensuring good sunscreen coverage is applied in the days following too.

What is the Vampire Facial good for?

The vampire facial is fantastic for a range of skin texture issues. It’s helpful for:

Treatment is performed by Kara Veit, Dr. Cherise M Levi, Maria Angelica under the guidance of Dr. Craig Austin, Board Certified Dermatologist 

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