• What is Injectable Filler?

    on Sep 29th, 2018

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Injectable Fillers (which are also known as Dermal Fillers), are now a widely available, popular, and highly effective treatment for a wide range of skin complaints.Today, an injectable filler is frequently employed in order to alleviate a variety of aging and non-aging skin and aesthetic issues.

These concerns, which are unique to each client, may occur in isolation, or be an ongoing concern, and may be part of a naturally occuring aging process, or other cause.

Injectables are in one of two clear, functional categories. By and large, a filler is either:

Due to the fact that wrinkles on the face are predominantly caused by repetitive natural movements of muscles, it stands to reason that we don’t have much of a choice when it comes to their ultimate presentation, over time. What wrinkle relaxers do is temporarily stall nerve to muscle signals, so that deep lines and wrinkles caused by dynamic movement, it successfully halted, and relaxed.

Example Product: Botox

A filler injection provides a more natural result, which pleasingly, doesn’t impact natural facial muscle movement i.e. no frozen face. Fillers have exploded on the international aesthetics scene, especially after the first hyaluronic acid dermal filler Restylane® was approved by the FDA in 2003. Today, fillers capitalise on nature knowledge, given that the human body produces the same minerals as that which make up standard filler ingredients and active components available today.

Fillers serve as a reliable, modern solution for all kinds of appearance woes, from facing fine line wrinkles, to rejuvenating and re-volumizing the face. Though that’s not all - fillers can contour, renew, and overall, contribute to an improved, balanced ratio of facial features.

Although fillers aren’t the only answer to defying the typical and natural aging process - they certainly merit looking into.

Regular fillers with a qualified practitioner can make a discernable difference between your skin of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The History of Injectable Filler

In the 1800’s and prior to the abundance of safe, approved fillers, those practicing self-care regulated their imbalances, aesthetics and aging woes with good old-fashioned beauty routines featuring mild to moderately effective creams, lotions, potions and surgery.

Not long after the innovation of the syringe, shockingly strong chemical agents were experimented with, with a view to explore facial augmentation. Paraffin was the first ever available agent for commercial use, and was thereafter quickly abandoned due to complications ranging from granulomas to embolization and migration were reported - the same issues would be encountered when using silicone as an alternative.

The pioneering practitioners of the past took on greatly unfavourable odds, and history humbly taught us that new technology doesn’t always equal great technology. Fast forward to 1981, and the aesthetics scene was markedly more measured, scientific and precise - Bovine Collagen got FDA approved, and was the first agent available for widespread commercial cosmetic injection. Finally, a safe and effective alternative to surgery was available to the masses.

Today in 2018, we see the continued rise and rise of hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers. These soft injectable gels are tissue friendly and echo that of naturally occuring HA within the body. An easier, safer, smarter alternative to its aesthetic predecessors, results can be seen immediately - and last up to 9 months.

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