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Eczema Treatment Q & A


What Causes Eczema?

While there is a huge genetic component to eczema, there are numerous factors that actually induce the condition, including environment, stress, other medical illnesses, and general health. Eczema is actually an itch that rashes. It can also be accompanied by inflammation which is sometimes mistaken for an allergic reaction. Contaminants in the environment, a depressed immune system, genetics, and defects in the skin barrier that allows germs to enter and moisture to evaporate much more quickly than it should. Patients who are diagnosed with eczema can experience one or all of these factors. Each person's symptoms will be determined by the factors that affect their condition.

Is Eczema a Genetic Disorder?

Eczema is a genetic disorder. If a close family member or members have had trouble with the condition, the patient will as well. While it will not affect every member of a family, each person is genetically disposed to the condition. Individuals who have family members that have been diagnosed with asthma or seasonal allergies are also at a higher risk of developing eczema. When it comes to formulating a treatment plan, the person's medical history will play a large role. People who are genetically predisposed to a specific health condition may need to work with the doctor to try and find ways to be proactive and prevent or at least reduce the frequency of the eczema flare ups.

How is Eczema Treated?

Keeping the skin clean is extremely important when trying to treat or prevent eczema flare ups. Use a mild soap for sensitive skin. When it comes to showering, avoid taking long showers with hot water. Hot water will wash away the natural oils the skin produces. When it comes to medications, the doctor may choose to use medications that support the immune system. Hydrocortisone creams can be used to topically treat the skin irritations, while antihistamines and corticosteroids can help to treat the condition from the inside. Doctors are also using lasers to help rejuvenate and strengthen the skin. By stimulating collagen and elastin, lasers strengthen the tissues from the inside, reducing symptoms and encouraging healing.

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