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When New York City residents are sick and tired of dealing with endless rounds of hair removal, they may consider a long-term solution such as laser hair removal. The team at CANE + AUSTIN Medi Spa can help patients get rid of their razors for good!

Laser Hair Removal Q & A


Is Laser Hair Removal the Longest-Lasting Choice?

Yes, laser hair removal is the best choice for long-lasting hair removal available today. Shaving lasts no longer than a day or two in most cases. Hair removal creams can only keep hair away for up to a week. While waxing can last for about a month, it still can't compare to laser hair removal in terms of longevity. In addition to being the longest lasting option, laser hair removal is easier and less painful than the other choices available.

In What Areas Can Laser Hair Removal Be Done?

Nearly any part of the body with unwanted hair can be treated with laser hair removal. The most common areas for laser hair removal are the legs, the underarms, the lip and the bikini line. In men, laser hair removal is often requested for the back and the chest.

How Does the Laser Remove Hair?

The laser sends a beam of highly concentrated energy directly into the hair follicle. This laser energy causes the destruction of the hair follicle, and it causes the pigment to be broken up into many tiny pieces. The pigment moves into the body and is eliminated naturally, while the hair follicle simply fails to produce new hair due to the damage from the laser.

How Many Sessions of Laser Hair Removal Are Required?

It depends on the patient and on the area being treated. Most people need 4-8 sessions of laser hair removal to make sure that the hair growth is treated in all its different growth cycles. After the initial laser hair removal session, patients generally need to return for the next session in four to six weeks so that the new actively growing hair can be targeted. Once the cycle of treatments is complete, the removal will be a lasting one. Some patients may find they need top up treatments after their initial series of treatments is complete. Hormonal changes that come with pregnancy or other conditions can stimulate new hair growth.

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