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Patients who have problem skin or people who simply want to enjoy the best-looking skin possible may benefit from Medical Facials. The experienced team at CANE + AUSTIN Medi Spa in Manhattan, New York City, can help patients get a beautiful new glow.

Medical Facials Q & A


What Is a Medical Facial?

A medical facial is a facial treatment that is designed to address the unique skincare needs of the patient. Medical facials use medical-grade products including glycolic acid.

What Are the Effects of a Medical Facial?

A Cane + Austin medical facial is designed to soothe and hydrate the skin. The pores are deep cleaned as well, which allows dirt and oils that have been trapped to be released. Ultimately, this treatment provides more youthful, healthy, and attractive skin.

How Does the Glycolic Acid in the Medical Facial Affect the Skin?

The pharmaceutical grade glycolic acid used in facials like the Signature Cane + Austin facial has multiple effects. Glycolic acid deeply exfoliates the skin, allowing the fresh new layer of skin below to be revealed. Glycolic acid also lightens pigmentation, which helps reduce and remove blotches, sun spots, and other problem pigmentation. Finally, the glycolic acid component of the medical facial can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Many patients notice fewer lines in major problem areas like the forehead after a medical facial.

What Is the Aftercare for a Medical Facial?

After a medical facial, the patient can return to his or her regular routine immediately. Some people even schedule medical facials during their lunch hour. The facial provider will give patients some general guidelines for aftercare as well. These guidelines generally include avoiding excessive sun exposure the day of the facial and avoiding the use of tanning beds after the facial. To maximize and prolong the results of the medical facial, there may be some skincare products that will be useful. Talk to the facial provider about products that can be used at home to help maintain the beautiful new skin that has been revealed. Scheduling medical facials on a regular basis allows patients to maintain fresh looking, youthful skin at all times.

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